HGTV vs The Real, Real Estate Market

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I have been watching HGTV when I have some free time. I have to tell you it's amazing how everything works out in the end. In HGTV people selling their home have an additional 10k  to due that renovation and the renovation will give them an additional 20k back at closing. In the real world you have to take a loan out to get the money and chances are you are only going to break out even after the renovation is done. If you hire an agent like me to work on your behalf, I will outline the pro's and con's of the renovation. I will let you know if it is worth doing in the end the choice is yours but, you have some additional information to help with the process. When the buyer buys a rehab and they find out there is a mold issue in the attic and its going to cost some additional money, money not in the budget. BUT no worries there is hardwood flooring under the carpet in the bedrooms! The HGTV land buyers can use that money for the mold issue so they are still on budget. Having an agent like me I will advise you to ALWAYS have the home inspected by a licensed inspector and find one that is certified in mold issues.  My personal favorite every buyer get's the house they want with a standard contract and for the asking price or a little bit over asking price. Well I am here to to tell that can happen but, MOST of the time it does not happen. If you are trying to buy a house in todays NH market then you know you need to act fast and come with a strong offer because chances are you are competing against several other offers.  However, there is help out there and it's me. Its my job to guide buyers and sellers in the NH real estate market. To help buyers and sellers  make the best possible decision  for their current situation. Sometimes you have to make a hard compromise, I feel its the agents job to explain this to their clients. However, in the end the agent must due as their client directs them too (as long as it is not breaking any RE rules or laws). If anyone has any Real Estate questions please ask . I will answer them to the best of my ability. I will do my best to make your real estate transaction as happy and as positive as they do on HGTV!    NH Homes by JP. Results that MOVE you.