Buying a home in the TV world vs the real world

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I love watching all the home buying TV shows. They are so much fun to watch and always have a happy ending.

But are they realistic?

On TV there is always witty banter back and forth, music in the air "theme songs". I am here to tell you there are no "theme songs" sometimes you have the witty banter but, most of the time there is awkward silence, thinking, followed up by lots of questions and an answer for every questions, sometimes not the answer you want to hear.

When buying a fixer upper on TV renovations are done on time usually at the last second and if there is an unforeseen issue no worries you can swap out one project for the next or a family member will give you 10k (key theme song).  When buying a fixer upper in the real world you better have lots of patients and time to get the job done. If it is a home you are going to move into you might have to live in it when you in the process of renovating it. This never happens on TV but, happens all the time in the real world. I mean can you afford to pay rent and a mortgage? Let's not forget about permits, getting contractors to the site when you are available to meet. (sorry no theme music to key in the real world) If you are going to buy a fixer upper price the cost of renovations before you make an offer.

In the TV world no paper work just say yes and a firm hand shake and the home is yours. I get it nobody wants to see all the paper work you have to fill out in the real world of real estate it's just not sexy.  In TV world you never see the appraisal or home inspections heck they do not even pull permits. In the TV world all deals go through, in the real world not all the time. There are times when an appraisal will come up short. An inspection will find an issue and back to the negotiation table.  On TV no worries it will get done with a wink and a smile the real world not so much, it might kill the deal. That's why the best deal is not always the buyer that offers the most for the home but, that's a blog for a different day. 

The part I like the most about buying your home on TV is the buyer looks at 3 properties and picks one and then bam the process is over. In the real world you are not so lucky it takes 4 properties. As you know I am joking with the 4 properties, it could take anywhere from 1 to 100 properties before you find your dream home. You just never know but, if you keep a positive attitude you will get the results you want/deserve.

There is one thing that is the same in the TV world and the real world.  How happy everyone is when they get the keys to their new home it is great to see and to be a part of, everyone deserve to own their own home.

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Have a great day, John